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Site News: No Title

February 26, 2009

Hey Guys! Well, thanks for coming to my site all these days. I don’t think I will be posting anymore, I got something in my mind. And I’m busy with my life. So See you all! Thanks! -Jx 95 Advertisements

White Puffle Spotted

February 21, 2009

Hey Guys! Awesome News! 2 Puffles have been spotted! This might mean that it will be available soon, or they might make a new mission of it! They are spotted in:- The Dojo Courtyard. The Mountain. Well, comment on what you think! That’s all for now. -Jx 95

Puffle Party 2009 + Puffle History

February 20, 2009

The puffle party has arrived! Looks Sa-weet! The free item, is one that’s returned, its the Puffle Bandana. Check out the Snow Forts, and go to the Puffle Feeding Room! It’s free for all. If you go to the Lighthouse, waddle on and stand on the place where it says “Stand Here”. And the yellow […]

Puffles And New Stage!

February 15, 2009

Hey Guys! Sorry for not posting, I was busy and exams are near. Well, I can’t put pictures on this post but… The puffle party is coming soon! There are boxes around Cp, for the party. And… the new Stage came, the same old Dodge Ball one. Well, that’s it! -Jx 95

Club Sleet: Word Scramble Challenge!

February 7, 2009

SITE UPDATE: The game, Club Sleet, will be made very soon, but this site will be of Club Penguin Cheats 😉 but I’ll still post of Club Sleet. Hey! It was getting boring since no Club Penguin updates came today, so I decided to make a word scramble challenge! People who gets it correct, their […]

Clothing Catalogue Feb 09

February 6, 2009

The new catalogue is out! With not even a single new hand item! Lol The New Pages: The Cheats: Fruit Headdress: Red Viking Helmet / Blue Viking Helmet (4 Clicks): Yellow Scarf: Pink Pom Pom: Red Hoodie: Well, that’s all for the new catalogue! Thanks. -Jx 95

Membership Contest Winners!

February 5, 2009

Hey! The contest went well! 295+ Comments… And Now To Reveal the Winners of the Membership and the Rare Member Penguin! The winner of the Membership is… Ceo2500! Congratulations, I have E-mailed you the membership code. He got the answers right, and with some referrers, Lol, they have Same Identicons. Also, Abdullahhhh, commented more than […]

Lime Green Dojo Clean!

February 4, 2009

The new paint by letters book is finally here! You can see it by going to the Book Room, which is upstairs of the Coffee Shop. If you are thinking, it does have cheats for more coins like the others. Cheats: Page 1: Finish Writing, then take the mop and drag it all around the […]

Club Penguin Membership Contest!

February 3, 2009

Note: This is a sticky post, that means Club Sleet’s latest posts will be below this one until contest ends! Hey! I think it’s time to make a membership contest. So, yep, I’m holding one! This is not a commenting contest. It’s easy anyway 😉 Follow the steps and win! 1) You must be subscribed […]

January Snow and Sports Catalog + March Fun

February 2, 2009

Hey! The new Catalog is out for the Sport Shop. Click on the Climbing Wall for the Mountain Climbing Gear February fun is now March fun? I am thinking of making a dance party… -Jx 95