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Puffle Party 2009 + Puffle History

The puffle party has arrived! Looks Sa-weet!
The free item, is one that’s returned, its the Puffle Bandana.

Check out the Snow Forts, and go to the Puffle Feeding Room! It’s free for all.

If you go to the Lighthouse, waddle on and stand on the place where it says “Stand Here”. And the yellow puffle will draw you!

At November 2005, Screenhog made many drawings of how the puffles should look like. Finally, they combined their looks, and then the puffle as we know was created! Here is a picture of the pictures taken on 2005.

In other news, Rockhopper is returning back! Hope he brings some cool items 😀

Comment on what you think about the party.
That’s all for now!

-Jx 95


3 Responses to “Puffle Party 2009 + Puffle History”

  1. cool post! 🙂

  2. Woah. cool

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