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Club Sleet: Word Scramble Challenge!

SITE UPDATE: The game, Club Sleet, will be made very soon, but this site will be of Club Penguin Cheats 😉 but I’ll still post of Club Sleet.

Hey! It was getting boring since no Club Penguin updates came today, so I decided to make a word scramble challenge! People who gets it correct, their name will be written below. Here are the words:


Winners: Palmn N Coco, Johnnpikachu, Champ344, Youssef, Abdullahhhh, Dark Crow200 aka Moonkey, Sepehrsfmech.

Good Luck!
-Jx 95


19 Responses to “Club Sleet: Word Scramble Challenge!”

  1. 1. jx 95
    4. penguin
    i dont no the rest lol

  2. (Correct!)

    {palm n c0c0 =D

  3. (Correct!)

  4. (Correct!)

  5. what do we win???

  6. Hey dude, whats with the “School Secrets.txt” file?

  7. Ugh its driving me INSANE!!! What so secret???

  8. Erm
    Jx 95
    Lol I Dno The Rest

  9. jx59 ams69 licc lstee penguin

  10. Correct!

  11. (Correct!)

  12. (Correct!)

  13. yay

  14. Hey Cool post, Click my name for a contest with A member and 2 Rare non members which you have a REALLY good chance of winning!
    ~source~ 😉

  15. 1.jx95 sleet



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