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Membership Contest Winners!

Hey! The contest went well! 295+ Comments… And Now To Reveal the Winners of the Membership and the Rare Member Penguin!

The winner of the Membership is… Ceo2500! Congratulations, I have E-mailed you the membership code. He got the answers right, and with some referrers, Lol, they have Same Identicons.

Also, Abdullahhhh, commented more than 35, so I think he deserves the rare member! I will e-mail you 😉

Congratulations! 🙂
Okay, that’s all for now.

-Jx 95


9 Responses to “Membership Contest Winners!”

  1. I wish i got the membership.

  2. awesome post 😛 😀 !

  3. Go here if your intrested in joining my Club penguin army the CPRA! It’s great for anyone especially people not having fun with Club penguin right now the CPRA is perfect for them! Anyone who see’s this and wants to join click the link all you need is a Club Penguin account and the color brown on Club Penguin!

    😀 😀 😀

  5. Hi! If you add Me to your Site or Blog I add you to Mine 🙂 Send me a message! If you Remove me I Remove you. Lets Link!

  6. 😐
    I Wish I Had It 😦

  7. Hi guy i wish i had win but plz open my site and post no is posting can you post there is a contest

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